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Alpha Sport Solution will give you the ability to create the best of life in relation to outdoor sports and Leisure environments.

Welcome to Alpha Sport Solutions

Alpha Sport Solutions offers a complete range of adhesives, instalment and maintenance equipment, necessary for a successful installation of any kind of artificial grass project. Whether it's a stadium soccer sports pitch, residential playground or your own dream home poolside oasis. Regardless of the season Alpha Sport Solutions will gladly recommend the right products and guide you through the entire instillation process.

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Why choose Artificial Grass

No more mowing

Plush green natural lawns require a lot of maintenance, such as mowing, weeding, watering and chemical treatments all of which takes time, commitment and money. Even with much care your existing lawn or playing surface is very weather-dependent. Summer heat spells can leave it looking dry and yellow, while a lot of rain will turn it into a mud bath. With Synthetic Turf, your lawn looks perfect all year around independent of weather conditions.

Perfect for Areas Where Grass Won’t Grow

For areas with lack of sunlight and moisture artificial grass is the perfect alternative. And, of course, it doesn’t need any sunlight or regular watering. Meaning it will look lush and green all year around. If you are struggling to grow and maintain real grass, why not consider having artificial grass installed? You will have a beautiful green lush grass all four seasons. And the most important thing; you will have a lot more time to spend with family and friends.

No More Mud or Mess

More people than ever are opting for low maintenance, all-weather surfaces in their yard. There’s no more mud, mess, mowing, watering or weeding once we installed Artificial Grass. You have more time to simply relax, enjoy and entertain in your better backyard.

100% Child Friendly

Artificial grass is very soft on little hands and feet, making it the perfect choice for households with young children. Some of our manufacturers also offer the installation of soft foam pads beneath the synthetic turf to cushion falls. Because synthetic lawns don’t get muddy, there’s no reason to keep the kids off the grass during the winter extending the season.

100% Dog Friendly

Artificial grass is as practical as natural lawns with your dogs and other pets who can enjoying them year round as well.

Great for Allergy Sufferers

Don’t let your allergies stop you from having the lawn of your dreams. With the help of artificial grass you can have that perfect lawn without having to suffer with bugs or allergies.

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