What’s driving the preference and endorsement of synthetic turf surfaces over natural grass in almost all major sports today? Probably a lot of the same reasons that has caused you to consider it; increased participation and utilization, decreased weather interruptions, a shortage of available venues or play spaces and rising maintenance costs. These all contribute to restricted play, poor ground quality and more importantly, an increased risk of injury.
Today’s artificial turf systems go beyond maintenance benefits or all-weather playability. Easy Grass offers a wide variety of safe and affordable options including those manufactured by the world’s most recognized authority in synthetic sports turf surfaces.


When it comes to real golf performance, no one does it better than Alpha Sport Solutions. Golf products have been tested, analyzed, and developed to perform as close to a natural golf course putting green as possible.  More than a simple marketing  endorsement.  artificial grass are designed to act like a real golf green, installed to strict specifications, and provide you with real golf improvement.

Home & Garden

Artificial Grass gives you enjoyment, less cost, all year round.
No matter how you look at it, maintaining a healthy lawn costs you money and time. With artificial grass from Alpha Sports Solutions lawnscape you’ll not only save money, free up valuable time and conserve lots of water; you’ll be able to enjoy your lawn more all year round. Did you know, watering your lawn makes up approximately 70% of your water bill each month and more fertilizers are used on residential landscapes than most farm fields? An artificial grass gives you a weather resistant, earth friendly lawn that it ready to host friends or a kids party anytime. The more you use it, the more sense it will make.


While there are many options available for playground surfaces, none provide safer, more consistent and weather tolerant characteristics like artificial grass.
The artificial grass is the only playground surface that provides consistent safety standards in high traffic areas, in any weather, at any height, and under all types of play equipment. Whether you’re designing a multi-purpose play space or looking for an allergy free surface underneath your playground equipment, Alpha Sport Solutions has a variety of options to meet your needs and budget.


Due to its low maintenance requirements, and ease of installation and reduced costs artificial grass is becoming a common sigth in many lawns and gardens around the World, modern artificial grass has come a long way and is now virtually impossible to tell whether a patch is artificial or not. While fake grass requires little attention, there is some after care involved.
After a while, soil, twigs and other unwanted stuff may find their way onto your grass. This won’t affect it at all, but if left over a long time it could encourage weeds to grow. Simply give your grass a good brushing with a stiff brush or a plastic rake , or a garden blower/ vac. From time to time, give your grass a good going over with a stiff brush or plastic rake. This will perk up the pile of your grass, especially in areas that aren’t used so much.


All synthetic tennis court surfaces should be kept clean, free from any leaves, rubbish, moss etc. Regular brooming of the surface is crucial, especially if premature loss of appearance and drainage is to be prevented. Apart from freshening the look of the surface, the purpose of regular and fairly vigorous brooming is to prevent the formation of a compacted and impervious skin on the top of the sand layer, which will prevent drainage and encourage moss and algae growth. It is also recommended that the surface is treated with an application of weed/moss killer annually.

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